"Mouse, sheep or human, where's the difference? Nothing is without risk, we can create the future! You and I...the first, forever!"

the story

Sometime in the not-so-far-away future. Siri Sellin (Franka Potente) learns that she is a clone of her mother, the world famous pianist and composer Iris Sellin (Franka Potente). Iris is terminally ill and has convinced the ambitious reproduction scientist Martin Fischer (Ulrich Thomsen) to make her musical talent - and him as a research scientist - immortal. With a clone.

Siri almost breaks under the knowledge of being a clone of her mother, a copy, a blueprint. As a young woman she flees from her life and tries to find herself in the seclusion of the Canadian woods. There she meets Greg (Hilmir Snęr Gušnason) and for the first time her feelings don't seem to play tricks on her. But then the past catches up with her again. She learns that Iris is going to die soon. Siri has to make the decision of her life...

Translated from www.blueprint-derfilm.de.

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Sometime in the not-so-far-away future. In the Canadian woods the time seems to have stopped. A young beautiful woman, SIRI (Franka Potente) crouches hidden in the undergrowth and watches wapitis, the largest and shyest species of stags in the world. Suddenly loud music is roaring from an approaching jeep. Frightened the wapitis run away. Furious about the noise Siri shouts at the driver of the car, GREG (Hilmir Snęr Gušnason). When he tries to defend himself she disappears between the trees.
A little while later, Greg sees the mysterious stranger again in the port of Telegraph Cove, a tiny place on the edge of the vast woods. Again she reacts with rejection when he speaks to her. She simply ignores him and leaves in her motorboat. Greg's interest in her is awoken.

Siri lives on her own and secluded in a wooden hut on a small bay of the Pacific Ocean. It feels like the end of the world. A ringing telephone breaks the silence. On Siri's picture phone suddenly appears the face of an old, sick woman who looks alarmingly like her: IRIS SELLIN (Franka Potente). Iris asks Siri to come back. Siri quickly shuts off the phone. Her memories carry her back to the past...

Twenty years earlier: The world famous pianist and composer Iris Sellin plays a concert in Vancouver. After the performance she meets with the reproduction scientist MARTIN FISCHER (Ulrich Thomsen). Determined and precise, all the egocentric diva, she comes to the point: She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and can't bear the thought that with her death her talent will be lost, as well. That is why she wants to be cloned. Iris knows that the cloning of humans is forbidden, but she doesn't care.

And Iris' conditions are clear: Fischer has to keep absolutely quiet and may not release anything about the experiment to the public without her consent. The ambitious researcher agrees and they enter into a pact of secrecy. Fischer injects Iris' genetical information into a cored ovum from her and after successful cell division flushes it back into her womb.

Actually gotten pregnant this way, Iris goes back to Germany and confronts her devoted manager THOMAS WEBER (Justus von Dohnįnyi) with this news without giving away the name of the father or her secret. After a normal pregnancy Iris gives birth to her daughter Siri.

Siri (Nina Gummich) is a healthy child, an exact reproduction of Iris not just on the outside, but also blessed with her musical talent. Mother and daughter have a close relationship. "Mother-twin" is what little Siri calls her mother sometimes not knowing how close she is to the truth. For Siri knows - just like everybody else - nothing of her creation. She admires her famous mother with her full heart and suffers that she can't be with her all the time. During Iris' concert tours the housekeeper DANIELA (Katja Studt), who moved into the house with her son JANECK (Woody Mues) before Siri was born, cares for her. Janeck is like a brother for Siri. They play together, share children's secrets and the big question: Do we actually have dads? And where are they?

When Professor Fischer from Canada visits Siri knows that she has to play the piano. Iris and Fischer are very proud of Siri, their perfect invention. That is exactly what is becoming Iris' biggest problem: Fischer wants to go public now, but Iris knows that she still has to protect Siri. After a night spent together, Iris can prevent Fischer from publication. But it is only a matter of time now.

Iris writes her first own composition for piano "For Siri" - a piano concert for her daughter. The premiere once again shows the unlimited, devoted love between mother and daughter: They are as thick as thieves. For the last time, because Fischer who surprisingly appears at the concert site is rejected by Iris. Humiliated he returns to Canada. He takes revenge for the rejection by announcing on an international press conference that Siri is the first cloned human being in history.

Abruptly, Siri's world falls apart. She falls into a comatic shock. When she finally awakes all the questions come up that are going to run her life from now on. Who is she? What is she? A copy? A blueprint of her mother? A monster? The relationship between mother and daughter becomes painful, tormenting and hateful. At her first concert together with her mother Siri (Karoline Teska), now a teenager, shocks the audience when during the enthusiastic final applause she pins a star onto her dress with the word "Clone" written on it.

The arguments with Iris grow ever deeper and more fierce as Siri (Franka Potente) becomes a young woman. It is getting harder and harder for her to find her way in life. What is her life anyway? Will she ever be acknowledged as an independent human being? Will she ever be loved by a man for her own sake?

In despair, Siri tries to seduce a musician, whom Iris has an affair with, by pretending to be Iris. Iris' lover rejects the young woman - for Siri this is the confirmation of her own worthlessness and at the same time the instrument of her revenge. She tells her mother - even though it's not the truth - that they had slept together. Zynically she suggests to share the lover, because don't clones share everything?

Finally, the differences between Siri and Iris lead to a catastrophy: During her first solo concert, which she has arranged all for herself, Siri fails piteous. When she runs away crying to her dressing room she can hear from there how the crowd demands for Iris. Iris steps onto the stage and captivates the audience with her playing as always. Again Iris is the winner and Siri is nothing. She has a breakdown and is comforted by Janeck (Wanja Mues).

He takes her to his little flat. In this night, Siri finds more than just brotherly comfort with him, although both are aware that they will never be a couple. Siri returns to Iris one more time, but only to tell her that she won't live at her house anymore and that she'll never play the piano again.

The disease already having left its mark on her Iris goes to visit Siri at Janeck's one more time. She asks her to come back, but Siri refuses. The gap between mother and daughter is insuperable.
After Iris has left the flat resignedly, Siri takes a scalpel and cuts the birthmark she has "inherited" from Iris out of her face. Then she tries to kill herself with sleeping pills, but Janeck finds her just on time.

Siri leaves Germany. Iris, proud, unreasonable and very ill, stays. In the seclusion of the Canadian woods, an ocean and two continents between her and Iris, Siri slowly finds herself. In her hut on the edge of the Pacific Ocean she, the clone, lives in harmony with nature. It seems that Siri has finally found her very own place in the world.
When Greg enters her life he manages with stubborn tenderness to tear down Siri's protective shield. For the first time in her life it seems that someone is really interested in her, in Siri. Siri falls in love, slowly and astounded.

But then Daniela calls her on the picture phone: Iris is dying. Siri's new world begins to waver. Will she have to return? Will she be unable to live the love to Greg as well? Won't the past ever let her out of its claws? Doesn't a clone have a right for an own life? An own happiness? After staying awake all night Siri decides to face her destiny...

Translated from www.blueprint-derfilm.de.