Sorry that these turned out longer than I expected. I tend to drift off and start to ramble. Nevertheless, please read these rules carefully.

1 Be a fan of the movie Blueprint! You must have seen the movie to be a fan.
2 Where it says "name" in the form enter your name or a realistic nick name. ~*laura~superstar*~, angel616 and the like are not realistic.
3 Give me a working email address. I will email you to let you know when you're listed. You can, however, choose not to have your email address shown on the site. But give me your email anyway.
4 You have to live in a country. Any country. There are lots. Please tell me which one.
5 You do not have to have a website to join.
6 If you do have a website, however, please pick a code and link back to here. You better have the code up even before you join or right after and keep it there, because I'll do code checks whenever you don't expect it. If I can't find the code I will list you without your url.
7 Also, if your website contains porn, racism, child or animal abuse, hate, religious fanaticism (not counting statements about your beliefs or opinions, which are perfectly fine), anything else illegal or other content that I don't feel comfortable linking to, I will also not include your url. If you feel that I have decided not to link back to you unjustified, please email me and ask me why nicely.

Now go grab a code and join!