A fanlisting is a place where fans of a certain subject come together from all over the world and have themselves listed. This is a fanlisting for the International Language, Esperanto. To learn more about the wonderful world of fanlistings go to TheFanlistings.org.


Esperanto was developped in the late nineteenth century by Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof from Poland. In 1887 he released a book called "Lingvo Internacia" (international language) under the pseudonym "Dr. Esperanto" (the doctor hopes) introducing a language that did not belong to just one country or ethnic group, but was meant to be a neutral means of communication. Within a short time more and more people started learning that new international language and soon Esperanto had spread all over Europe and beyond.
Unfortunately for the movement, during World War II Esperantists were persecuted for ideologic reasons just like the Sinti and Roma (gypsies), communists and jews. But even though this could have been the end, people have started new and since then formed a worldwide community and Esperanto is now freely evolving just like any other language.
Esperanto does not favour a certain people or culture, and promotes an atmosphere of equal rights, tolerance and true internationalism.

Info from: TEJO.org and "Kauderwelsch. Esperanto Wort für Wort" by Klaus Dahmann and Thomas Pusch, Reise Know-How Verlag, Bielefeld 2001.

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Made with MS Paint and PSP7. Fonts used are Comic Sans MS, Silkscreen, Arial. The Graphic shows the flag used by the Esperanto community. The image used for the codes shows the Esperanto double E. The two letters are made to look like a simplified globe meaning that Esperanto is (supposed to be) spoken all over the world.


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