What is it with this place, anyway?

Love, JellowCat exists for two reasons. First, I found it increasingly inconvenient to log into each separate account to update my fanlistings. So I put them all together in the same subdomain. Then it occurred to me that I'd need to create at least an index page for the new account. Second, I had found this picture in my animal rights club magazine and ever since wanted to make a layout from it. So one night in January 2006 I just sat down and fiddled with my graphics programmes - I use PSP7 and MS Paint (yes, to me that's a graphics programme!) - I started drawing some ornaments which ended up in the background and the rest was really just div layer positioning.

Besides that, the navigation is in the top right corner which you must have found out already if you're reading this. The links are pretty much self-explanatory, I suppose. Behind each you'll find exactly what it says you will.

Love, JellowCat

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