The Movie

Cast list

Katja Riemann Emma
Jasmin Tabatabai Luna
Nicolette Krebitz Angel
Jutta Hoffmann Marie
Hannes Jaenicke Schwarz (inspector)
Werner Schreyer West (hostage)
Andrea Sawatzki Ludwig (assistant inspector)
Oliver Hasenfratz Schneider (assistant inspector)
August Schmölzer Gunther (police)
Heio von Stetten Nick
Peter Sattmann Gold (boss of record company)
Peter Rühring Gefängnisdirektor/Jail House Head
Irmhild Wagner Gefängnispastorin/Prison Chaplain
Barbara M. Ahren Innensenatorin Roth
Helga Storck Aufseherin 1/Custodian #1
Sarah Camp Aufseherin 2/Custodian #2
Vicki Schmatolla Etti
Erich Diercks Wilderer 1/Poacher #1
Peter Weiß Wilderer 2/Poacher #2
Josef Hannesschläger Bayerischer Bauer/Bavarian Peasant
Edeltraud Schubert Kellnerin/Waitress
Claudia Ahrens Sekretärin/Secretary (to boss of record company)
Hillmer Meyer Rezeptionist
Elsa Hanewinkel Weiblicher Häftling [uncredited]

Taken from the IMDb. Comments in (round brackets) added by me.

The Story

SPOILER ALERT!!! This outline on the story is extremely spoilerous. Reading beyond this point you must agree to NOT blame me!

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Bandits tells the story of a group of four women who meet in prison and form a band. Luna (Jasmin Tabatabai) who portrays a quite aggressive behaviour and easily snaps. Angel (Nicolette Krebitz), a young marriage impostor who's a little on the cute side and always sticks with Luna. Marie (Jutta Hoffmann), who is somewhat older than the others, has poisoned her husband so she could be with another man who died while she was in prison. She has since tried to kill herself several times. Emma (Katja Riemann), who used to play the drums in a jazz band joins them. Her boyfriend had beat her up so badly that she lost her unborn baby which is why she has shot him. They see their chance to run when they're supposed to play at the annual Police Ball. They take off and the chase begins. They are headed for Guayana, but first they have to get out of the country.

Meanwhile, the police are looking for them and they have risen to questionable fame. On the radio they hear a demo that they had sent to a record company and which got rejected then. They turn up at the company's doorstep and make them pay.

Equipped with the money for the trip they make a stop in a bar where they end up playing a gig when suddenly the police bark in. The four women take a hostage - a young man who Angel has had an eye on for a while - and go into hiding.

When they are finally on their way to the harbor - they have gotten rid of the hostage by then - the police are waiting for them at the end of a bridge. But first they find out that Marie has died quiet and peacefully while they were driving. They then burn the car, Luna and Angel jump off the bridge into the river, but Emma gets caught.

Luna and Angel make up a plan to break Emma out and the remaining three go into hiding once more until their ship leaves. They play another sensational gig on a roof top only minutes before cast off and make a run accross the wharf. They are awaited by the police and welcomed home by Marie...

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